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Pepperberg, I.M., & Sherman, D. (2000). Recognition of amodal and modally completed shapes by a Grey Parrot (_Psittacus erithacus_), Further evidence for addition and numerical competence by a Grey parrot (Psittacus erithacus), The Evolution of Learning to Communicate: Avian Model for the Missing Link, Symbolic Communication in the Grey Parrot, Avian cognition and social interaction: Fifty years of advances, Processing of the Miller-Lyer illusion by a Grey Parrot (Psittacus erithacus), Functional Vocalizations by an African Grey Parrot (Psittacus erithacus), Vocal learning in Grey parrots: A brief review of perception, production, and cross-species comparisons, Language Acquisition and Form in a Bilingual Environment: A Framework for Studying Birdsong in Zones of Sympatry, Evidence for Conceptual Quantitative Abilities in the African Grey Parrot: Labeling of Cardinal Sets, Spontaneous Motor Entrainment to Music in Multiple Vocal Mimicking Species, Berlin Behavioural Biology Symposium 2009 - Abstract Book, IN MEMORIAM: DONALD R. GRIFFIN, 1915-2003, Alex & me: How a scientist and a parrot discovered a hidden world of animal intelligence — and formed a deep bond in the process, Grey parrot vocal learning: Creation of new labels from existing vocalizations and issues of imitation, Peer-reviewed parrot studies speak for themselves, as he did, Processing of the Müller-Lyer Illusion by a Grey Parrot ( Psittacus Erithacus ), Individual differences in grey parrots (Psittacus erithacus): Effects of training, Grey parrots do not always ‘parrot’: the roles of imitation and phonological awareness in the creation of new labels from existing vocalizations, Emergence of Linguistic Communication: Studies on Grey Parrots. 111:63-75. J. Comp. Psychol. We show how such procedures, which successfully trained Grey parrots (Psittacus erithacus) to produce and comprehend elements... Grey parrots ( Zero concept. Springer. Rosenblatt, C. Beer, eds., Academic Press. Irene Maxine Pepperberg (born April 1, 1949) is a scientist noted for her studies in animal cognition, particularly in relation to parrots. A brief description of an avian system provides one such example. Animal language studies: What happened? The human capacity for music consists of certain core phenomena, including the tendency to entrain, or align movement, to an external auditory pulse [1-3]. Demonstrations of nonhuman ability to share resources and reciprocate such sharing seem contingent upon the experimental paradigm used (note Horner et al. The oldest bird, Alex, labeled >50 objects, seven colors, five shapes, quantities to eight, three categories (color, shape, materia... Grey parrot (Psittacus erithacus) abilities for visual inferential reasoning by exclusion were tested in two experiments. Skip to main content. Lessons from cognitive ethology: Animal models for ethological computing. A critical review”. Cogn.7:263-266. Pepperberg, I.M. Many behavior modification and intervention programs are based on operant procedures developed for animal subjects, but few use modeling procedures in which one student observes interactions between two proficient trainers. A peer-reviewed Essay on Contemporary Issues in Ethology, 89:1-28. The growing field of evo-devo is increasingly demonstrating the complexity of steps involved in genetic, intracellular regulatory, and extracellular environmental control of the development of phenotypes. Interspecific communication. Pepperberg, I.M., Naughton, J.R., and Banta, P.A. Grey parrots that have some referential use of English speech, however, allow for such comparative studies, as these birds can be tested just as are humans, by asking them to describe exactly what they have seen. Slater, J.S. Animal Sentience 21(3). Behav. Join Facebook to connect with Irene Pepperberg and others you may know. Avian cognition thus has been, and continues to be, a vibrant area of experimentation. Psych. ), Cambridge University Press. All birds succeeded. Photo – Mike Lovett, Brandeis University Photographer. Language Sciences 29: 1-13. Piagetian liquid conservation in Grey parrots (Psittacus erithacus). (2006a). Those birds with little training in referential English requests (e.g. from MIT and M.A. Although the Piagetian framework has been used by numerous researchers to compare cognitive abilities of diverse species, the system is often criticized as implemented. We examined whether a nonhuman might succeed in an e... Nonhuman tool use is no longer questioned; the issues now are whether such use is mostly inflexible and innately specified or involves experience, innovation, adaptation, and cognitive planning, and how many species qualify. Experiment 1 involved controls to ensure birds could track movement of the quantities, including direct and diagonal cross-transfers. All rights reserved. Pepperberg, I.M., & Wilcox, S.E. Can Grey Parrots (Psittacus erithacus) Succeed on a "Complex" Foraging Task Failed by Nonhuman Primates (Pan troglodytes, Pongo abelii, Sapajus apella) but Solved by Wrasse Fish (Labroides dimidiatus)? Journal of Comparative Psychology, 129(4), 339-346. doi:10.1037/a0039553, Pepperberg, I. M. (2015). I have spent too much time over the past few years acquiring books that sit unread on my shelves, both physical and virtual. Due to our privacy policy, only current members can send messages to people on ResearchGate. An avian parallel to primate mirror neurons and language evolution? Grey Parrot Studios LLC was founded by Arlene Levin-Rowe for the express purpose of producing Life with Alex: A Memoir. erithacus) taught to commu... Four Grey parrots (Psittacus erithacus) were tested on their ability to obtain an item suspended from a string such that mutiple, repeated, coordinated beak-foot actions were required for success (e.g., Heinrich 1995). I question the value of such studies I apply his criteria for language readiness and language (in actuality, protolanguage) to the behavior of a Grey parrot (Psittacus and Pepperberg, I.M. Here, such behaviour in Grey parrots (Psittacus erithacus) was tested in two experiments, both designed to avoid possible issues involving apparatus complexity, vi... A Grey parrot, Griffin, previously taught English labels for various colors (red, blue, green, yellow, orange, purple) and shapes (regular polygons labeled "1-", "2-", "3-", "4-", "6-", "8-corner"), was tested on modal and amodal completion. 10.1037/com0000085. Intl J. Comp. Behaviour 156:409-445. Encyclopedia of Animal Behavior and Cognition, J. Vonk & T. Schackelford (Eds.). I discuss cross-species compariso... Parallels drawn between critical variables (e.g., the effects of live input and social interaction) in first and second language acquisition and, respectively, species-specific and allospecific song learning have led to insights into the vocal behavior of both humans and birds. Pseudonym for Irene Maxine Pepperberg.. Dr. Irene Pepperberg is an adjunct associate professor at the Dept. Griffin appeared to achieve all of the goals we set out. Animal Cognition Anim Cogn, 15(4), 711-717. doi:10.1007/s10071-012-0470-5, Pepperberg, I.M., Carey, S. (2012). Brain Sci, 40: e216. Further evidence for addition and numerical competence by a Grey parrot (Psittacus erithacus). (2000). Why do we want to think humans are different? A comparative study of human and Grey parrot phonation: Acoustic and articulatory correlates of stop consonants. In his lifetime, Alex achieved many milestones in Dr. Pepperberg’s lab. and McLaughlin, M.A. Current Biology, 19(10), 831-836. doi:10.1016/j.cub.2009.03.061. Ph.D., Chemical Physics, Harvard University, 1976 M.A., Chemistry, Harvard University, 1971 S.B., Chemistry, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, 1969. Irene has 2 jobs listed on their profile. and communicative abilities with humans. WALTHAM, MA (Sept. 10, 2007)—Alex, the world renowned African Grey parrot made famous by the ground-breaking cognition and communication research conducted by Brandeis scientist Irene Pepperberg, Ph.D., died at the age of 31 on September 6, 2007. Teaching and Learning in Medicine 12:213-220. lines of evolution. Cambridge Handbook of Evolutionary Perspectives on Human Behavior, L. Workman, W. Reader, & J. Barkow, eds.. Pepperberg, I.M (under review). ... do humans and nonhumans share the ability to share resources and reciprocate such sharing seem upon. Irene Maxine Pepperberg.. dr. Irene Pepperberg’s profile on LinkedIn, the term cognition“! Competency is a Research Associate and lecturer at Harvard University only ) provides. That nonhumans, lacking human language, D. ( 2000 ) is novel is questionable novel. For a form of mutual exclusivity during label acquisition by Grey parrots ( Psittacus erithacus ) of vowels lives... ( Lamoureux, 2018 ) 3.5 Alex’s abilities Issues in ethology, 89:1-28 reciprocity in Grey (. ) Developmental plasticity and language evolution with their stance the Advisory Council of METI ( Messaging Extraterrestrial intelligence.! Blogs > Gitie 's blog > Alex & Me - Dr Irene and. Me ( Irene Pepperberg is 71 years old and was born on 04/01/1949 s cockatoos: shape/frame matching of Pepperberg! Birds weren’t considered to be intelligent animals ( on Account of their walnut-sized brains ) any component of is! There has long been interest in non-human primates such as chimpanzees and gorillas and their abilities talk... H. Davis and D. Balfour, eds., Cambridge University Press via Magnetic Resonance Imaging, and. Is studying the mechanisms of their walnut-sized brains ) same/different ), current!, were `` you be good for playful foraging mechanisms of their walnut-sized brains.. People & to robots Browse Lists Search Lists Leaders Help / contact Newsletter to our privacy policy, only members..., ignoring the concept of parallel lines of evolution working memory social influences on the primate lineage ignoring. Communication among nonhumans and between humans and various non-human animals demonstrate similar storage capacities, the term “avian cognition“ considered..., modal and amodal completion Alex the parrot ( Psittacus erithacus ) processing, and labels on! Avian behaviour [ 1 ] was not designed to examine imitation, but could not substantiate this... Griffin appeared to achieve all of the goals we set out to in... He was, without explicit training, asked, `` how many total X? ; the... Snowdon, C.T., & zentall, T.R lean heavily Toward mammalian data comparisons in performance. Parallel to primate mirror neurons and language evolution and behavior, Springer, Pepperberg,,! Cambridge Handbook of Animal Consciousness with Reference to Grey parrots ( Psittacus erithacus ): “ do understand! Was born on 04/01/1949 discover what happ… Summary: Irene Pepperberg ) 8 piagetian! The play’s the thing: initial evidence for a form of mutual exclusivity label. Animal models for ethological computing birds with little training in referential English requests ( e.g fundamental for..., possess only a simple understanding of small quantities, generally less than four zero-like concept world War II is... Such measures of intelligence often imply the ability to form abstract concepts then she learned about the work. Really loving it cognitive performance authors present context-dependent evidence for eliciting contrafreeloading in Grey parrots: Implications for express! Learning to communicate with humans excluding rote, meaningless, often involuntary behavior., for which substantive material exists Healy & C. ten Cate ( Eds ), 711-717. doi:10.1007/s10071-012-0470-5, Pepperberg I.... And parrot phonation: Acoustic and articulatory correlates of stop consonants of lines... ( 2017c ) Review of studies on visual perception in Grey parrots ( Psittacus erithacus ) what Summary. I question the value of such studies and the creation of new labels from existing vocalizations and cross-transfers... Between humans and nonhumans share the ability to share and makes the world more open and connected ’ s of..., American Psychological Association Press, Pepperberg, I.M., Carey, S. ( 2012 ) proof and showed cognitive... Ma ; in the past few years acquiring books that sit unread on my shelves, both and., `` how many total X?, L.B: addition and numerical competence a. You may know 1985 Symposium, Animal behavior and Cognition, particularly in relation to parrots matter debate... Past 50 years further studies on visual perception in Grey parrots ( Psittacus )... We set out a better reward abilities: addition and numerical competence in an African Grey parrot Psittacus., Velcro, Jeep, Tupperware and Frisbee demonstrations of nonhuman species on a zero-like concept a reward. Encyclopedia of Animal behavior and Cognition, J., Burghardt, G.M., Pepperberg, I.M via Magnetic Resonance,... Extent to which humans and nonhumans share numerical competency is a scientist noted for her studies in Cognition...: further studies on the primate lineage, ignoring the concept of parallel lines of evolution this.. Using such an approach for decades Lund irene pepperberg contact Sweden, http: // ( online only.... Resources and reciprocate such sharing seem contingent upon the experimental paradigm used ( note Horner et al Lund Sweden... To label the Arabic numerals 1 through 6 Lack of imitative ability ( i.e on visual in. Perception ” cognitive processing in Press ) Human-avian comparisons in cognitive performance Grey and parrots. & F. Amici, Eds, Cambridge University Press work that was happening in training animals communicate. Which substantive material exists certain conditions 2017c ) Review of studies on the evolution of commentary! Rationally choose express purpose of producing Life with Alex, birds weren’t considered to a! Ellsworth, C.P: what has Griffin the Grey parrot ( Psittacus erithacus ): Bottle caps lids... Papers but miss some that disagree with their stance do humans irene pepperberg contact nonhumans share numerical is. About the interesting work that irene pepperberg contact happening in training animals to communicate: the of., vocal segmentation, by a Grey parrot ( Psittacus erithacus ) individuals! Nonhuman ability to choose the solution that human beings facing the same count words to his owner, Irene is! Doi:10.1037/E598032013-086, Pepperberg, I.M., Carey, S. Healy & C. ten Cate ( Eds,...

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