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Ride as fast as you can and follow the rest of your gang. The only requirement that is going to give you trouble is finding and killing two of the bounty hunters within a minute. Something to remember for later, probably! Walk over to talk to them, and while they claim not to know where he is, Charles finds his cane on the ground nearby. The good news is they stop without a fight. If you shoot them they do that old western thing where they dramatically tumble over the balcony, which is a nice touch. Move on to the next one and keep doing this until you get all four. It will be easy enough to get all headshots here, so do so and then drop back behind the bar. The deputy will be driving, so all you have to do is sit and listen to the dialogue. To the north and northeast, the bay is enclosed by thick forest. There are fewer guards down here and you can sneak by pretty easily. Take aim at the gunner as soon as he starts shooting and you want him taken down as quickly as possible. When the final raider falls, you are now free to loot. Apparently she's going to campaign for women's suffrage, which in Lemoyne is a lot like campaigning to get shot in the face. The ideal path you should take is outlined below. There is some really cool imagery coming up, with most of your camp riding out together and you walking up to Braithwaite Manor as a unified force. When prompted, try to crawl away. 2020-08-04 21:17:11 RDR2 - Savegames 235 Download 1014 Views This chapter 3 save completes every story missions before the Gray family mission, so you can do free roam with this beautiful Clemens Point camp location and interact with all the gang members (no story mission in camp). There aren't too many enemies in the saloon, so it is for the best to get five Dead Eye headshots as soon as you can. Sadie tries to ride off, leaving you to shoot the oncoming enemies. To unlock this activity from the Clemens Point camp, you will first have to steer a first coach in the “Friends in very low places” mission with Josiah Trelawny (picture1).Then go talk to Bill in the camp and he will suggest that you come with him and Tilly, rob a new coach (picture2).Take your horse and follow Bill to the place where the coach will pass (picture3). Finally, there will be a couple of guys that stay fairly stationary behind the shacks. Working with the Braithwaites, Arthur and Sean drive to Caliga Hall with the remaining moonshine and attempt to use it to help burn the Grays' tobacco fields. Once you clear this group out, Micah will notice that almost all the Grays are dead. Once you're next to it, break the lock and loot the cash inside. They eventually track him to Clemens Point, which the two find to be a much better place for camp. After them, two carts will ride in carrying even more reinforcements. You'll now have the final group of enemies to deal with that will be on the other side of Charles and Bill. Run to the back door, and by the time you get to it, two more Lemoyne Raiders will be entering it with guns drawn. In this location, a Fence can be used to sell stolen horses. After you save Uncle, there is another smaller shootout. They've got moonshine to pour over everything, and they prepare some fire bottles to get the fire going. At the request of Beau, Arthur drives Penelope and the other protestors through Rhodes as they participate in a women's suffrage rally. So ride straight ahead until you hit the road between to of the field (it will be the first spot you can turn left that isn't on fire - see image below). If you look to your left as you go up the stairs, you will see the first guy hiding in a room with a fairly large hole in the wall. Going For Gold: This is an incredibly tough gold medal, particularly if you are trying to get this in a replay. As soon as you get close to it, reinforcements will begin to arrive from outside. These guys can drop Dead Eye restoratives as well so if you didn't get them earlier, this is your last chance to get some help before the final push. There will be another guy with his back to you looking down at your weapons. Follow the path to make your way to Caliga Hall and Sean will let you know that your goal is to burn their tobacco field using the Braithwaite's moonshine. If you check your mini-map, there will be four guards around the building. Red Dead Redemption 2Red Dead Online The only prerequisite for this mission is Advertising, The New American Art - II, but if you complete Magicians For Sport while this mission is available, you will have to wait one hour before it becomes available again. Charles will see the blood on the floor, so follow him outside to where it leads. madamnazar. An Honest Mistake is the 29th main story mission in Red Dead Redemption 2 (RDR2). Get the other corpse that is on the downstairs level and take him to the pier. You can't go too fast or Lenny will stop walking and you'll have to go back for him. There is essentially nothing you need to do prior the blowing up the moonshine. You can get cover behind the overturned barrel to get a good view of the area in front of you while keeping yourself relatively safe (shown on the left in the image below). In Red Dead Redemption 2, the Fence is a merchant where you can sell Gold Bars, Stage Coaches, Jewelry, and other stolen items that other merchants won't From here, you want to go southwest directly to the trail that leads right to camp. Once you get to the shore, you'll find a boat you can "borrow". Follow the trail to get to the front of the Braithwaite plantation. Once Sean is ready, he'll jump on a horse and you should mount the other one. It has been intended to give the players the sentiment of how the world revolved in the Cowboy Era and how gangsters were one of the noticeable citizenries. There will be enemies on both side of the road, but from the position you start in most of them will have a hard time hitting you. Keep your gun out and as soon as you see him run into the space in between, enter Dead Eye and quickly headshot him. The four of your ride off after a short conversation. Block his first incoming attack, and then just keep punching until he goes down. Dutch and Hosea want to know if you still want to go fishing. Now you want to go to the gun icon on your map, which should be right next to where the body of your second victim is. Headshot him as soon as you can, because Micah will comment right after that the cowards are hiding in the gun store and you can now break into it to move the mission along. So long as you ride directly to your objective marker, you will have a ton of time to finish up the rest of the mission and you can actually wrap things up with several minutes to spare. The first requirement you'll need to accomplish is robbing all five safes in the bank. This will allow for fast travel, and with a map as big as this game it is pretty much essential and will save you a lot of money on train and coach rides. For this part, just follow Charles as he knows a good way around. There aren't any real "corners" here, but you can back yourself up against a wall and quickly scan between the different ways the cougar can come. Finding a "free" boat, however, is not an obvious matter. You need to be nearing the end of Chapter 3 for this mission to unlock. He'll have one of the two bodies on the porch picked up, so just grab the other one next to him and go outside. With some minor bribery, he convinces the two to let you in, so follow Hosea with your big crate of liquor. Watch out for the guards walking around, because you don't want them to see you just yet. Once this final spot is doused you will need to sneak over to Sean by the barn. Clemens Point is a camp hideout in Red Dead Redemption 2 in the Scarlett Meadows region of the Lemoyne territory. Use Dead Eye for every single shot and you will have no problem at all hitting the requirements. Sheriff Gray isn't amongst the deceased, so make your way to the sheriff station. You'll say yes. The two of you decide to be a bit careful, on account of the crazy people and their mountain of guns, so you check out an abandoned church first that is supposed to be one of their look-outs. Kill 3 Lawmen in Dead Eye while saving Bill. rdr2 micah mission chapter 3. Right before you get to the houses there will be some barrels stacked up just tot he right of the road. Keep moving with Uncle as he moves and take advantage of your mini-map if you're having a hard time seeing where the danger is coming from. Once you enter one, start pouring until Arthur says it is enough and the yellow objective marker disappears from the mini-map. The best Elite Horses in the game can be bought in Blackwater […] For some reason, Dutch doesn't like this much and shooting breaks out.

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