john deere mower deck compatibility chart

One BM20976 48C/48X High Performance Blower Assembly Adapter Kit is required to install the BM20667 48C HP Power Flow Blower on a 48C or 48X Mower Deck (SN -050588) with wheels that rotate. Fast, easy attachment to the tractor hitch, Spring pin to ensure the pin stays in place, Haul a variety of materials including lawn debris, sand, dirt, mulch, and plants, 800-lb (363-kg) capacity makes it durable enough for the heavy jobs, 350 lb (158 kg) when using swivel feature to dump, Convenient foot pedal release for easy dumping, Molded stake pockets for enlarging the bed size. The app helps determine the best time to mow, communicates expert pre-mow tips, offers maintenance reminders, and provides walk-through guides.Look for the MowerPlus app on the mobile device’s app store.The app supports residential lawn equipment such as 100 Series, S240, X300, X500, X700, Z200 through Z600, and many similarly sized older products. The flat-top design is the staple feature of the Accel Deep options, allowing grass to flow cleanly through the deck and discharge area while keeping up speed. Add fuel stabilizer every time fuel is purchased. box scraper - 4867MLPBS38, Integral hitch 42-in. Therefore, the side-discharge mode is essentially a partial-mulch mode. The fertilizer need not be worked into the soil by watering or rain before it will work. Air is discharged back and down, away from the operator. The 7-gauge, 0.179-in. (122-cm) and 54-in. John Deere is a manufacturer of tractors that are designed to deal with landscaping and yard maintenance projects of all sizes, whether residential or commercial. (107-cm) Lawn Sweeper (LPSTS42JD) to add thatch pickup to the sweeper's cleaning abilities. The disk harrow can get a garden ready for planting quickly and easily. (228.6-cm) spray, Powder-coated gloss enamel, 16 ga, 0.6 in. X700 Series – requires wheel spacer sold separately, X500 Series – requires wheel stop adjustment, 17-bu (599-L) capacity to make fast work of picking up material, Convenient brush-height adjuster has eight positions for easy selection of the optimum sweeping height, Hitch has seven positions to match up correctly with a variety of vehicles, Large 12-in. A hopper and chute must be ordered separately to complete this material collection system. Mower … As a result, it will increase both efficiency and cleanliness in the mowing process. Large pedal surface gives superior operator comfort. Unique shovel design empties material completely. John Deere Fuel-Protect for gasoline is safe to use in all types of gasoline, including gasoline/oil mixtures and blended fuels containing up to 10 percent ethanol. 100 psi Shurflo® diaphragm-type pump is designed for high hour commercial applications. NOTE: MC519 is not compatible with D100 Series, LA100 Series, L100 Series, 100 Series, or Select Series model X300, X304, X310, X330, X350, X354, X370 Tractors, LT, LX, or SST Lawn Tractors, or G100 or G110 Garden Tractors. The large 14-bu (493-L) capacity of the three-bag hopper means the operator can collect a large area of grass or leaves before needing to stop to empty the bags. Use plastic fuel containers to store fuel; ask a local John Deere dealer. 0000006514 00000 n X400/X500 HDGT's and X700 Ultimate Tractors with a 48C/48X Mower require BM20976 or BM22798 48 HP Adapter Kit to install BM20667 48C High-Performance Power Flow Blower Assembly to accommodate this mower's rotateable wheels: 8. John Deere provides the commercial mower industry with the Michelin X Tweel Turf technology for Commercial ZTrak Mowers: 24x12N12 as an ordering option code for ZTrak Gas Mowers with 54 in., 60 in., and 72 in. Hour meter makes it easy to tell when oil changes and other maintenance should be performed. Foot-operated traction assist control is convenient for the operator to use, when needed. (70 mm), 3.75 in. Remove the onboard deck-leveling gauge that is located under the seat. To engage, push the cruise-control button and hold until the foot is removed from the forward pedal. Whether you need a complete unit or just the bare bones, there is … (170-L) sprayer is capable of covering more area with less refills: NOTE: Sprayers are compatible with competitive tractors (if equipped with a 12-V battery and charging system).This liquid sprayer is especially suited for maintaining residential and small commercial properties: NOTE: Use this sprayer with liquid-based lawn care chemicals only. The Dial-A-Matic rate control lets the operator fine-tune the rate application: Please contact your local John Deere dealer for availability and pricing information.125-lb Pull-Type Spin SpreaderOrder number: LP25353. This can be an advantage when side discharging or bagging, as it helps to reduce the amount of material being discharged. The Power Flow blower and chute are easy to install. This airless radial tire solution is an industry first for John Deere, which provides an additional advantage to John Deere operators. Mulching heavy, thick material can significantly reduce mower productivity. NOTE: Fits All John Deere X500 and X700 Series 2-bag material collection systems. (95-L) Mounted Sprayer for X300 and X500 TractorsOrder number: LP22861SHURflo is a trademark of SHURflo, LLC.Viton is a trademark DuPont Performance Elastomers. The MulchControl baffle, or divider, between the left and middle spindles is about halfway down. 363 Parts. 0000146686 00000 n The loaded weight of any equipment towed by an EZtrak or ZTrak mower should not exceed 250 lb (113.4 kg). No-tools installation utilizes a traditional steel chain attachment system. Rear wheel weights are recommended for additional traction. (122-cm) wide and an extension to both ends for a 56-in. Simply scan the lawn tractor’s barcode to get custom information. The 54A has a 3 percent heavier overall weight than the Edge™ Xtra 54-in. Quick View. The John Deere 24 in. Flooding by unnecessary choking of a warm engine is eliminated. Utility carts are designed, painted, and decaled to be compatible with other John Deere equipment. When approaching clean areas like driveways or flowerbeds where clippings would be undesirable, When a breeze might blow clippings back onto the operator, For side discharge mowing only the areas of the property where grass is too thick for mulching, With 48A and 54A Mower Decks, for collecting only the areas of the property where grass is too tall or thick for mulching. 0000055166 00000 n Operators are advised of what the problem is if they attempt to operate the mower with unsatisfied PTO, seat, or park brake interlocks. 0000026721 00000 n (107-cm) (42A), 48-in. Quick View. 0000003268 00000 n (53.3-cm) two-piece seat with armrests, four-bar suspension, and slide is available as an upgrade seat and suspension for all X500 Multi-Terrain Tractors (model year 2006 and newer). 0000008373 00000 n (117 cm) and 54 in. Turn front nut equally on each side clockwise to raise front of mower or counterclockwise to lower it until gauge just slips under the front adjustment point. The cart has a premium molded, high-density polyethylene box construction. The John Deere model 110, introduced in 1963, was the company's first lawn tractor and was manufactured in Horicon, Wisconsin. John Deere tow-behind lawn care tools are compatible with all John Deere lawn and garden tractors, as well as competitive tractors. Cover ground quickly with flexible boom options: a 12.5-ft (3.8-m) precision folding boom, 24-ft (7.3-m) boomless, or no boom at all (boom sold separately). Clean flow of material out of discharge area prevents cut material from interfering with cutting the incoming grass, making it possible for the blades to cut incoming material cleanly. Heat treated steel gears with plastic enclosure are protected from corrosive material. The lower sides are made of 9.5-oz (269-g) black polyester knitted cloth. The advanced engine features provide the following advantages: Electronic throttle control improves performance. (1.5 mm), 1.25-in. Reducing the amount of re-cutting enables more power to be used to cut incoming grass, which greatly improves mower capacity. Heavy-duty welded-steel frame with integrated rear weight bracket, Integrated front weight bracket (X580, X584, X590), Air-cooled John Deere iTorque power system, Convenient foot-pedal lift system (X570) or easy-to-use hydraulic lift (X580, X584, X590), Low-effort manual steering (X570) or power steering (X580, X584, X590), Five-position tilt steering wheel (X584, X590), Heavy-duty all-purpose (HDAP) rear tires (X580, X590), Accel Deep™ Mower Decks with optional MulchControl™ system. (122-cm) Front Blade for use on a model year 2016 Select Series™ X300 or X500 Mult-Terrain Tractor. For 50-lb (22.7-kg) cast-iron wheel weights on 23x10.50-12 or 24x12-12 rear tires: BM17985 - for mounting one 50-lb (22.7-kg) weight, BM17977 - for mounting two 50-lb (22.7-kg) weights. 0000014805 00000 n The heavy-duty frame rolls smoothly on 15x6 tires that minimize ground compaction and have a low profile, which maintains a low center of gravity for excellent stability. Its tough polyethylene drum does not dent or rust. Operators can convert between modes without interrupting the mowing process, making it practical to change between modes as conditions require. Please contact your local John Deere dealer for availability and pricing information.125-lb electric broadcast spreader barrier shieldOrder number: LP23117. The polyethylene hopper will not dent or rust. (19- x 51-mm) stake pockets are molded in to make addition of side extensions easy. (7.6 cm) of penetration, Three-position lift handle for 2-in. For proper braking and operation, the loaded weight of the cart should never exceed the weight of the tractor, or other towing unit, plus the operator. • All models can be used with most zero-turn mowers. Durable 18-gauge, 0.05-in. Key features for this seat include: BUC10625 21-in. Hydraulic power steering is standard equipment: Convenient hydraulic lift lever makes raising and lowering the mower or implement easy: The integrated hydrostatic transaxle (IHT) encloses the hydrostatic pump and motor rotating groups in the same housing with the differential and axle housing: When combined with the foot controls, the hydrostatic transmission functions similarly to that of an automatic transmission in an automobile, so the term automatic is often used to describe it. (76-cm) Mechanical Rotary Tiller for X570, X580, and X590 Tractors. (10.2 cm) in 0.25-in. (6.4-mm) thick poly bed, 15x6 tubeless pneumatic tires with turf tread for maximum traction. The reverse implement option (RIO) switch is a yellow button. Canadian Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC) Compliance rear blade - 4867MLPBB56, Integral hitch moldboard plow - 4867MLPPP510, Integral hitch, mechanical (X500 M-T) - 4867MLP31357, Integral hitch, power (X530, X534, X540, X580, X584, and X590) - 4867MLP66661, 23x10.50-12 in. See the appropriate vehicle pages for the weight of the vehicle and the mower deck. (1.7-mm) steel, Powered by 25.5-hp (19.0 kW)* iTorque™ Power System, Easy mulching with optional MulchControl™ Kit (one-touch or from deck versions), 4 year/500 hour bumper-to-bumper warranty, Solenoid-shift starter for easy starts, even in cold weather. Greaseable bearings (wheels and casters) enable long life. (102-cm) Tractor ShovelOrder number: LP63767. In combination with non-jackknifing caster wheels, this semi-rigid hitch makes it easy to maneuver the cart/collector. Provides storage location for Exact Adjust tool and deck-leveling gauge, Thick seat cushion for lasting comfort, even after a full day of use, Back of seat can be angled to maximize operator comfort, Convenient lever on the side of the seat unlocks back of seat to allow positioning, Four-bar suspension and slide are included for extra comfort and bolt to the tractor's fender-deck mounting holes. Add extra weight to the heavy steel tray for tough soil conditions. Because it is engineered specifically for the John Deere material collection system, installation is a breeze with simple hand tools. (61 cm x 122 cm), 40-in. Ordering informationPlease contact your local John Deere dealer for availability and pricing information. It also relieves soil compaction: Contact a local John Deere dealer for availability and pricing information.40-in. John Deere Fuel-Protect gasoline stabilizer is a unique formula developed to ensure optimum performance and protection year-round: Always use fuel stabilizer in gasoline.Fuel sitting in gas tanks or gas containers for more than 30 days begins to degrade. (152-cm) 7-Iron™, 62C Convertible, 62 Edge Xtra Deck, or 54-in. For further information on this law, consult No. Dial position locks and unlocks automatically. This label shows deck-leveling position and location of deck-leveling adjustment points. Store fuel in a cool, dry, dark place in a sealed fuel can. The HP 12.5-ft (3.8-m) precision boom (LP22885) is compatible with the 45-gal. (15.9-cm) solid steel, zinc plated, Smooth surfaces - driveways, parking lots, and, Mowed lawns under normal conditions, or light, High grass, heavy leaves, or heavy grass clippings, Smooth surfaces - driveways, parking lots, and sidewalks, Mowed lawns under normal conditions, or light leaves, Carbonized, 16-gauge, 0.6-in. Appropriate Power Flow blower and Power Flow chute are required. (45.7 cm to 101.6 cm)Frame/Weights: 0.25-in. Detailed set-up instructions are included. Fertilizer is more readily available to plants. Since it provides more gentle, less aggressive action than a power rake, it can be used as a preventive maintenance tool each time the lawn is mowed. When cutting in wet, high growth conditions, such as those found in the Pacific Northwest United States, When optimum bagging and lawn clean­up is desired, 42A Mower Deck requires a MulchControl baffle be removed to install the bagger chute, 44-in. (228.6 cm) width. The loaded weight of any equipment towed by an EZtrak or ZTrak mower should not exceed 250 lb (113.4 kg). A mower deck equipped with electric one-touch MulchControl not only does an excellent job of mowing and mulching, but it can also be quickly converted to side discharge or mulch mode with the touch of a switch: A tractor equipped with the electric one-touch MulchControl attachment delivers unprecedented levels of productivity and versatility.

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