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Daniel Zazt/Footage Search Jim Lotz, Writer: It's astonishing in this extreme situation, the affection of these tough western soldiers. That's just being an insecure commander, uncertain with how to wield authority without clubbing your men over the head with it. But I miss you so much, my darling, and want you so much.". Greely spent the years after the expedition collecting and publishing their scientific data with a devotion befitting a solemn memorial. We are 24 starved men; we have done all we can to help ourselves, and shall ever struggle on, but it drives me almost insane to face the future. Coll Anderson M.P.S.E, Sound Effects Editors He was commissioned as a second lieutenant in the 36th Infantry Regiment of the Regular Army on 7 March 1867 and was reassigned to the 5th Cavalry Regiment on 14 July 1869 after the 36th Infantry was disbanded. It would follow him for the rest of his life. Narrator: As the sun disappeared for the last time in 110 days, the men crawled into the dark, freezing hut they named Camp Clay. Based on the author's exhaustive research, the incredible true story of the Greely Expedition, one of the most harrowing adventures in the annals of polar exploration. Philip Cronenwett, Historian: Rice was not only the photographer on the expedition, but if anything had to be done Rice was volunteering to do it. David Brainard (Rich Porfido): "May 13th 1882. Vanessa Ezersky He reenlisted in the peacetime army, and soon found himself expanding the telegraph network out west. Just so huge and so uncaring and so vast in that very, very real sense that makes you feel so insignificant. Adolphus Washington Greely, U.S. Army officer whose scientific expedition to the Arctic resulted in the exploration of a considerable amount of terrain on Ellesmere Island, Canada, and on coastal Greenland, where he also set a contemporary record … George Rice (Justin Mader): "Ellis tells me of being intimidated by the other occupants of his sleeping bag and talks of cannibalism. How happy we were four years ago at the Aberdeen Hotel....". He will be reached next year as early as possible.". Fredericks watched in desperation as Rice was taken up with recollections of home and food, and then slowly drifted into unconsciousness. But with each passing day, the tranquility of summer gave way to a growing uneasiness. Reluctantly, the men dragged the supplies and their two fragile whaleboats onto an ice floe. U.S. Army Military History Institute, Post Production Register of the District of Columbia Society of the Sons of the American Revolution. George Rice had already led a series of searches, looking for stockpiles of food left by previous Arctic explorers. Narrator: A coalition of scientists had enlisted the governments of 11 nations in an unprecedented quest to understand the earth's climate. But Greely never relented — not then, and not now. William J. Rhees. Brainard, Lockwood and Christiansen had traveled 60 days, covering almost a thousand miles in temperatures well below zero, through pain and snow blindness to within 455 miles of the North Pole. But scientists in the 19th century realize that they need to understand how the parts fit together. But in the summer of 1882, the relief ship did not come. Henrietta had resisted Greely's Arctic dreams from the first. [10], In retirement General Greely resided at 1635 R Street N.W. Do not wear mourning for me. Free Google Book . The returning survivors were venerated as heroes, though the heroism was tainted by sensational accusations of cannibalism during the remaining days of low food.[8]. On the 23rd of April 1884, the first of three rescue ships sailed out of New York, cheered on by crowds lining the new Brooklyn Bridge. After the war he received a brevet promotion to major to rank from 13 March 1865 for "faithful and meritorious service during the war". pg. It started as a scientific expedition with a bunch of people squabbling; it became a morality play. George Rice, the official photographer on the Lady Franklin Bay scientific expedition to the Arctic in 1881, kept a journal until he froze to death in April 1884.

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