The Ultimate Thai Food
The Ultimate Thai Food

If you think about Thai food, “Phad Thai” is what are you thinking of, right?

Yes, I agree with that but.. it’s not just Pad Thai that you can find in Thailand! Here are some ideas of food that you definitely need to try on your next visit in Thailand! The street foods are everywhere in Thailand, it’s actually one of the highlights of the country for tourists… and but mostly for local people! For Thai people, the street food is the best idea for daily life, why? It’s cheaper than cooking at home, fast and delicious. Well, when you want to order something that looks amazing but you don’t know how to call that kind of thing. Here are 10 Thai food’s name in Thai language you can order at the street food by yourself. Be careful…don’t forget that Thai people love spicy food when you order should say “Mai Phed” to avoid burning tongue after try it out….

Laab Moo

Laab Moo is the Norhtern Thai food, it made from mince pork mixed with pork blood in Thai herbs like green onion, coriander, parsley, chilli paste for laab, fried dried chilli and fried garlic. It was chopped all together and fried after that….Normally some eat in rare with the side dish vagetables as cucumber, chins cabbage and acacia. This menu you can try it out at Chiang Mai, people usually eat as the Khun Tok style that we called “Lanna Style” It’s very good to eat with hot sticky rice. That’s amazing one, I love it so much. You should try it as well….

Naam Prik Ong

Yellow color from tomatoes with minced pork in chilli sauce that’s one of my favourite Northern Thai food that I always happy to eat…..Nam Pril Ong, I usually love to eat this food from my mom’s cooking. The main ingredients of this one include tomato, minced pork, chilli, shrimp paste and garlic. The taste of it is a bit spicy and sour a little from tomatoes. We eat with hot sticky rice with the fresh vegetables for more delicious!

Khao Kluk Kapi

The beautiful colour of vegetables around the brown rice with sweet pork on top, it’s one of my favourite Thai food that I can always eat it. Kapi is the main thing to make this dish more yummy…Kapi is the shrimp paste that we use to cook with rice instead of just using the  water. It gives this dish a unique taste, we usually eat this rice with lots of vegetable (green bean, chilli, shallot,), sweet pork and fried dried sweet pork for side dish.

Khao Soi Gai

Chicken leg on top of the yellow soup made from coconut milk with crispy egg noodles with the side dish … that’s the main thing I miss from my hometown in Chiang Mai. Khao Soi, made from egg noodles, coconut in yellow paste (ingredients made of child, garlic, ขมิ้น, lemongrass), chicken’s leg, crispy egg noodles. This food originaly comes from Northern Thai or Lanna style soup. The taste of this soup is based on coconut milk with the yellow paste and the side vegetables to make it more delicious. It might make you feel hungry, don’t miss it when you visit Thailand and the best ones are in Chiang Mai.

Pla Nueng Manao

Pla means fish, neung means steam, manao means lemon, the steam fish in lemon sauce in English name. If you are seafood lover, this menu that you should put on your list and try it when you visit Thailand. The taste of this menu is based on spicy and sour from lemon, if you don’t like spicy you can order not spicy one either. Try with chilli on it and tell me how do you feel..

Miang Kham

Just one meal in this country that have 8 tastes, including spicy, sour, bitter, sweet, acerbity, salty, oily and the smell of Chablu leaves. It’s the best choice for Thai snack in the central style. They usually love to eat it in the rainy season which is full of Chablu leaves and you can taste lots  of smell and taste in one meal. This is a kind of authentic Thai snack that you can still find in the local market and it has an unique taste in itself, don’t miss it!

Khanom Thai

Khanom means snack, those are Thai sweet that usually the ingredients are based on coconut, egg and sugar. If you are allergic to gluten, Thai sweets are the best choice for you.

Khanom Bueang

Khanom Bueang is Thai sweet snack. Which makes from the rice flour, coconut milk, sugar and white egg. The original one just made from rice flour with coconut and salt, today you can’t find that one at all. The new type of it you can find it at the local market or in the street market. If are you looking for some real Thai sweet, this is one of the top list to try it out!

Phad Thai Hor Kai

Phad Thai is the best Thai for that almost everyone know about it…but this Phad Thai Hot Kai is a little bit different than another one, this is fried noodles with some kind of meat with vegetables inside the omelet or in Thai called (Hor Kai). That’s make this Phad Thai more special, you can find in the street food in anywhere in Thailand.

Khanom Thuay

Khanom Thuay is one of the best Thai sweets that you can eat anywhere in Thailand as well. It makes from coconut milk, rice flour, sugar with a bit of salt. It’s totally good one, the taste of coconut milk is highlight for this Khanom Thuay. Try it, I confirmed you will love it too.

Cucumber Salad

Cucumber Salad is the same style as Papaya Salad in Thai style that mixed with chilli, garlic, tomato, green bean, lemon, fish sauce, sugar, pickled crab and the highlight thing is pickled fish…. that makes this dish more amazing. The smell and the taste of it  you will remember for longtime. However, you should try it out once in your life. This menu can be your diet menu also.

Khao Kha Moo

The fatty part of pork of this meal eats with the fresh green chilli and garlic that’s what I always thinking about. This meal can bring you a lot of collagen to your skin! That’s sounds amazing, right? Yes, I agree with you. This Khao Kha Moo is one of my the list that I alway eat it during working time because it can fins from the street food easy and good one. This one made from the leg part of pork stewed in the Thai and Chines herbs soup including cinnamon stick, apricot, boiled egg, thumb, coriander root, black pepper pounded, shiitake mushroom, soy sauce, picked vegetables, coriander, chili and garlic. Then let the pork leg stew for at least 5 hours and you can eat it with hot rice. This is another great menu that you can find in the street with a good price…

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